Spring Learning

Things are bustling around the farm this week – the last week of dry weather gave us time to get a few more crops in the ground. Crops that we pushed a little earlier than we would have liked are looking pretty snappy under the row cover, and the latest rain storm is more than welcome for the all the seeds and new transplants in the field. Nothing like hearing rain on big brassica leaves!

Since this is our first full season on our own land we are learning A LOT. Despite having a shelf full of farming and gardening books there are just some things you don’t learn until you try and either fail or succeed. There’s a lot to learn about our soil, this climate, what our customers will like. So we are in learning mode this spring, this year, always really, and trying to remember to be patient with that process.

We’ve updated the website with more info about what we’re growing this year – contact us if you’re interested in reserving pork or chicken!




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